Taltere IT

More than 20 years of experience leading IT Teams, we have the tools, the team and creativity to find the best IT candidate for you. 

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Taltere PRO

We know about Talent, Taltere PRO is born to help companies in their search for Key Talent, Professional Profiles. 

We have the experience and effective strategies to attract the most talented professionals to your company.

We want to help you find the right talent so you can accomplish your objectives. 

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Taltere DO

Our main goal in Taltere DO is to potentiate your Talent and your organization in order to achieve your goal. 

We are aware that Talent, managerial and HHRR strategies are fundamental to achieve your company goals, that’s why we offer a wide number of services focused in Organizational Development

  • Organizational Development seeks to involve planned and strategic aspects with the objective of ensuring the viability and growth of the Organization. 
  • In addition, we evaluate results, monitor strategies and develop career paths within your company for personnel and company growth. 
  • Working through a broader vision in mind and aligned the highest hierarchy and responsibility. 
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