Specialization in IT talent recruitment and selection

Introducing Taltere IT, the solution for IT talent recruitment and selection

We know that technical knowledge is not enough; we require our collaborators to be complete professionals with skills and competencies in different fields.

Our commitment is to support IT organizations so that they have the right resources to achieve their goals.

We are experts in recruitment and selection for IT Profiles. 

Our company was born to attend those inherent difficulties of IT Focused organizations, being attraction, recruitment, incorporation and retainment of the talent, you need to accomplish your business objectives 

Competitive Advantage

Contrary to conventional Sourcing companies, our company was founded founded by partners with over 20 years of experience leading IT Development and Consultancy teams. 

We also have experienced Psychologists familiar with talent attraction processes, with a focus on solutions to our clients to find the best professionals allowing the productivity as soon as possible.


Requirement analysis 

Our team will first analyze your needs, your company’s culture and specific requirements for the position 



Hiring and Onboarding 

Job offer is presented, negotiated and closed, we help you define and implement the best onboarding strategy! 


Defining Talent Profile 

We will help you define the IT Talent Profile you need.


Decision Making 

Final Interviews, compare results and select the best talent. 


Search and selection kick off. 

We know where to find the right talent. 

We don’t just post your job opening on major recruiting sites; we actively search for candidates on social and professional networks. 


Evalutation and Compatibility 

Selected candidates are interviewed by our experienced psychologists, we apply personality and competency tests. 


Development of Talent and Leadership skills 

Time management



Creativity and Innovation 

Change Management  

Stress Management  


Public Speaking  

Conflict Resolution  


Team Building

Emotional Intelligence  

Customer Service