Agencia de reclutamiento especializado: Taltere

Who we are?

Taltere is a specialized recruitment agency that was born in 2017 as a response to the difficulties that companies have to define, find and fill vacancies that can be difficult to identify.

During the first years we specialized in Information Technology profiles, then, at the request of our clients, we expanded our service to IT recruitment and professionals in general.

Why Taltere?

Equipo Taltere: agencia de reclutamiento especializado

Our services

Get to know the different ways in which Taltere becomes your ideal ally:

Specialized recruitment

Guarantee powerful human talent in your team with Taltere. We help you with the search, pre-selection and evaluation of candidates. Includes FREE psychometrics.


Broadening the understanding of our collaborators enables us to make better decisions. We offer the application and analysis of psychometrics, providing a solid and well-founded approach.


We offer you a wide range of courses and workshops focused on Soft Skills training in collaboration with highly qualified facilitators.

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We provide you with a first approach to start boosting recruitment in your organization. Our attention is personalized.